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Our professional design team is known for innovative design in a full range of styles.  Owner/Design Principal David J. Condon works closely with all clients to assure that designs reflect their needs and aesthetic sensibility.  Individual design preferences, architectural context and relevant historic references all play a significant role in developing a strong design .

At Colorsmith our mission is to serve our clients, be they individuals or organizations, by weaving these considerations into a cohesive whole while working with our clients to develop designs that embody their spirit and vision for each project.  .



Colorsmith Stained Glass is a full service studio with complete fabrication and installation available for all stained, leaded, faceted, beveled and fused glass projects.  Colorsmith Artisans are highly skilled in a variety of installation procedures for work of all scales.

Each project is fabricated at our studio and prepared for on-site installation executed by our staff.  All work is finely crafted and installed in timely manner by Colorsmith Stained Glass Artisans trained to work with the utmost professional and client consideration.




Colorsmith Stained Glass has provided expertise and highly skilled services in the field of art glass restoration for churches, historic buildings and homes since 1979.  Using the most up-to-date restoration techniques, our conservation and restoration team subscribes to the most rigorous standards of protection to insure that historic integrity is preserved along with the intent of the original artist.   Our studio subscribes to the latest guidelines set forth by the Stained Glass Association of America, and our Artists and Craftspersons have extensive expertise in all historic art glass restoration techniques, including historic glass painting. 


Owner-Director and Design Principal, David J. Condon works closely with restoration architects, consultants, project managers and individuals to assure that expectations and guidelines for restoration are met throughout all phases of a project, from initial research to final re-installation.  Colorsmith uses materials of the time period associated with each project in combination with the latest restoration techniques.  All aspects of the process are carefully planned and executed with meticulous attention to detail, dedication to the highest standards of professionalism and a commitment to restoration work of the highest caliber.




Colorsmith Stained Glass Studio has extensive knowledge and experience in a full range of techniques for repairing art glass of all sizes and styles.  Whether it is for architecturally scaled ecclesiastic 

projects, archival restoration, commercial or historic buildings, or small residential on-site repair, our dedicated staff are here to help you maintain and preserve your stained glass artwork.  


Colorsmith is pleased to consult with representatives of the ecclesiastic community, architects, builders, designers and individuals to help determine project feasibility, design direction, offer feedback, or to provide connections to our wide network of resources. Our mission is to create, maintain, preserve and enhance awareness of the beauty of stained glass and to assist others with their design, fabrication, restoration, and repair objectives.  Colorsmith Stained Glass Studio is here to serve.